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Why You Should Consider UI/UX Design for your Next Project

Do You have a website or an application? If not, then you must be considering it, and that is the reason you landed here.

You probably have heard about UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience). I know how exciting it is to propel your business to another level with whatever technology has to offer. It was exhilarating for me! Spending some little cash on UI/UX design can multiply your revenue forty to sixty-fold.

Using Jakon Neilsen key factors to improve user experience on your project, it is easy to gauge the results of the business. These factors are visibility, an intuitive system, user control, consistency, error prevention, visible options, flexibility, minimalist design, availability of help for the users and documentation.

UI and UX often accentuate on customer gratification, which plays a massive role in the growth of a business. The top five factors to pay close attention to when developing a project include but are not limited to these:

1. Consistency:

Fonts, colours and even the positioning of quick links in a project have a significant impact on the draw your project has to the customers.

2. User Control:

Giving a user control to some aspects of the project, such as closing an add, or even an option to cancel a subscription can easily make the customer return to your business page often.

3. Minimalist design:

Users like it when they have so little things clouding their vision, customers often want something that saves time, and a website that gets them what they want quickly is an advantage to both the business owner and the clients.

4. An intuitive system:

Never keep your customers guessing on what to do next. Always make it easy for them to navigate through the website without having to think about their next step.

5. Visibility:

It’s essential for the website to indicate accurate data to the customers as they visit your page. Please do not keep them guessing on the status of items listed on your business web page.

UI/UX goes beyond having a captivating interface. UI/UX allows for blueprints for user interaction to be laid out and makes it easy to integrate findings into better serving one’s customers.



CreativeIyke care about your business and your success. We design incredible user experiences. We want to partner with you and work alongside you, for the entire process of your project.

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